So I haven’t blogged in three months

December 5, 2007 at 12:06 am (random)

Why? Well, because there isn’t as much to blog about as I thought there would be.

Simply put, I love Oxford, but it has just become home. Fun, but normal and routine. So not much blogging has occurred.

However, I have recently been very bored. And with boredom, comes great amount of links. And I thought hey, I really would like to share these links with the world, or at least, have a place to put them so I don’t lose them.

And so, here I am. Back at my blog. I’ll post links, news stories. Probably some wedding stuff as that is what I google the most lately.

To kick things off:

Wedding Present? Please??
Another pretty little car.
I adore this necklace. At the moment, I’m trying to decide if I’d really wear it enough to buy it though.

This story makes you laugh at the absurdity but cry at today’s world: Glendale Tree Fines Couple


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