Current state of affairs

May 2, 2011 at 12:15 pm (family)

I found out about the news of bin Laden’s death while in line for a ride at Disneyland, which, by the way, is possibly the weirdest place to be thinking about politics.

Then I read this post on Diary of an Air Force Wife, who I pretty much agree with.

With a brother in the Marines and a husband contemplating the Air Force, I am caring much more about war than I ever did before. I feel relief today… I’m glad we finally accomplished some of what we set out to do. That at least this mission is completed, after being in progress for almost half my life. But more than anything, I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated that my brother will still be deployed sometime soon, we could still lose him to this war, that my husband would be gone too if he/we join. I’m frustrated that this doesn’t change anything. I’m frustrated that military are still being screwed around with regarding pay/compensation/everything, that we still jump to get involved in so many squabbles (ahem, Libya) that we don’t need to join.

I think that today, like most days when thinking about my brother or our potential future military life, I am both as patriotic and unpatriotic as I can be. I’ll do anything to support those who serve, but I hate that this means more of them gone.


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