Darning socks

August 11, 2011 at 7:04 pm (crafting, family)

My husband has a pair of socks – they’re nothing spectacular, just a stocking stuffer from his mom a few years ago. But he LOVES them. He calls them his “comfy socks,” and when he knows it’s going to be a rough/long day, he wears them. Sadly, about six months ago, he wore a hole in the heel of one of his comfy socks. It’s been sitting in my craft stuff for a while, and I finally got to JoAnn’s today to find some yarn to darn it with.

So after following this tutorial, and watching this video, I got this:

darned sock

Yeah, it’s not pretty. I couldn’t find yarn of the same thickness or color, so this was the best I could do. I also didn’t have anything round to stick in the sock, so I used a ceramic scoop from my kitchen, which worked okay. I tried on the sock, and I think it feels fine – Tyler was a little more skeptical, but we’ll see. I think once he gets over the fact that his sock has a black heel, he’ll be fine. 🙂

So first darning experience – somewhat a success. Will I do this again? We’ll see… does anyone darn socks anymore? I don’t think I’d do this for anything other than special socks! Have any of you ever darned a sock?


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  1. dru said,

    LOVE it….it sure is gonna help when i go 2 darn my “woolies”. i’ve had these socks “forever” but wore a hole in ’em……they’d cost a small fortune 2 replace them but i don’t wanna replace them…….thanx again,

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